Ministerial Ethics

Every member of the ECAMFC is required to subscribe to and live according to the following code of ethics:

  • The minister must keep the nobility of his calling uppermost in his own mind.
  • The minister must hold high in all outward acts the established reputation of the Christian ministry.
  • The minister must not use his ministerial position to get unethical financial gain for himself nor will he measure the service of his office by its monetary equivalent.
  • The minister should dress in a becoming manner.
  • The minister should always speak with good will of another minister, and if called on to supply the pulpit of a church with doctrinal tenets other than his own, and should he accept the call, he should carefully avoid making any statement at variance with the tenets of said church.
  • It should be the aim of the pastor to make himself a part of the home while making calls, but at the same time to guard his own essential character. Ministers should at all times be careful not to indulge in gossip.
  • The minister must be very circumspect in his or her conduct toward the opposite sex. The ideal minister will hold people equal in his heart. There is neither “male nor female, bond nor free, Greek nor barbarian” in the kingdom of which he or she is a minister.
  • The minister should be careful not to bring reproach on his calling by joining in marriage improper persons.
  • The confidential statements made to a minister by his parishioners are privileged and should never be divulged without the consent of those making them.
  • It is unethical for a minister to interfere directly or indirectly with the parish work of another minister; especially he should  be careful to avoid the charge of proselyting.
  • As fellow laborers in the Vineyard of the Lord and brothers and sisters in the service of the same Saviour, the relation between ministers should be one of frankness and understanding.
  • The minister must confine moral conduct to the biblical standard set forth in the Disciplinary Procedures and Tenets of Faith of ECAMFC.

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