Ministers in ECAMFC Available to Serve You.

Need an Evangelist to come to your church? Looking for a pulpit Supply? Ministers with different experience are listed below.

Here you will find information and contact details about ministers and ministries within the ECAMFC.

Minister Available: Rev. Ralph Hodgson

Inter-denominational Minister Available for Pulpit Supply Minister available for for the Months of July and August in the Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto and Niagara Falls areas.  I’m an experienced chaplain and visitation pastor with the Region of Halton - Creek Way Village since 2008 and after-hours chaplain at Joseph Brant Hospital sinc e 2006. Providing hope in a world of hopelessness. Recent … [Read more...]

Minister Available: Rev. Wilfrid Flavell

Minister Available for Inter-denominational Pulpit Supply, Funerals and Weddings. Inter-denominational minister available for: Pulpit supply for a Sunday or two Interim Minister for 3-6 months in Muskoka and anywhere within Ontario where I am invited. Marriages and Funeral Services locally as well as the North GTA and Southwestern Ontario. You have a need, I will … [Read more...]

Minister Available: Rev. Debby Baril

Ministry Available for Pulpit Replacement, Conferences, Retreats, Seminars. With over 20 years in ministry, Debby Baril preaches the Word with conviction and humor. Laying foundational biblical truths, she points to and emphasizes the centrality of the Gospel – Christ and His finished work. The call to yield to Holy Ghost transformation accompanies Debby’s messages as she invites believers to … [Read more...]